Country : Nepal,       State : N/A
Minimum Tour Duration : 04 Nights / 05 Days
Maximum Tour Duration : 11 Nights / 12 Days
Ideal Tour Duration : 06 Nights / 07 Days
Best Time To Visit : March To June / September To December
Top Tourist Attraction : Pashupatinath Temple, Muktinath Temple, Lumbini, Janaki Temple, Sita Vivah Temple, Chitwan National Park, Devi’s Fall, Gupteshwar Cave, Few Lake, Budhaneelkanth, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, & More.

Nepal Tour Packages


05 Nights / 06 Days Ex Kathmandu : Kathmandu, Pokhara, Manakamana, Muktinath (By Air)

06 Nights / 07 Days Ex Kathmandu : Kathmandu, Pokhara, Manakamana, Muktinath (By Road)

06 Nights / 07 Days Ex Kathmandu : Kathmandu, Pokhara, Manakamana, Muktinath (By Air)

07 Nights / 08 Days Ex Kathmandu : Kathmandu, Pokhara, Manakamana, Muktinath (By Road), Janakpur

Places to Visit

Frequently Asked Questions

How to go to Nepal from India?

This depends on how you want to go, i.e By Air, By Road OR By Train.

If you want to go to Nepal from India by air then the easiest way is to fly directly to Tribhuwan International Airport (KTM), Kathmandu. But the economical way would be to enter Nepal by land border & reach the nearest Indian city by air, i.e for Sonauli border – Gorakhpur (GOP), Birganj border – Patna (PAT), Nepalganj border – Lucknow (LKO), Kakrvitt Border – Bagdogra (IXB) & for Banbasa border – Pantnagar (PGH) are the respective nearest airports.

If you want to go to Nepal from India by road then you will be delighted to know that, it is the most economical way to travel to Nepal. The most popular borders to enter are Sonauli (Suitable for residents of Southern, Western & Northern parts of India), Birganj (Suitable for residents of Central & East – Central part of India) & Kakarvitta (Suitable for Eastern part of India).

If you want to go to Nepal from India by train then you will be disappointed to know that there is no train to Nepal except from Jaynagar (India) to Janakpur (Nepal). But the majority of people travel through the Sonauli border, so we are listing major trains which connect from your city/state to Gorakhpur (UP).

Station Train Name/Number
Ahmedabad – Gorakhpur Train No :- 19409, 19269, 15270 & 15046
Abu Road – Gorakhpur Train No :- 19409 & 19269
Ajmer – Gorakhpur Train No :- 19409, 19269, 19601 & 19709
Amritsar – Gorakhpur Train No :- 15708, 14674, 15212, 12408,& 12204
Bilaspur – Gorakhpur Train No :- 18205 & 18201
Bhilwara – Gorakhpur Train No :- 19601 & 19709
Bhopal – Gorakhpur Train No :- 12512, 12542, 12598, 15066,11079, 15016, 15068, 12590, 15024, 12522,15030, 12592 & 15064
Bhilai – Gorakhpur Train No :- 18205
Chennai Central – Gorakhpur Train No :- 12522 & 12512
Chandigarh – Gorakhpur Train No :- 15904
Durg – Gorakhpur Train No :- 18205 & 18201
Dehradun – Gorakhpur Train No :- 15006 & 15002
Gandhinagar – Gorakhpur Train No :- 19409
Haridwar – Gorakhpur Train No :- 15006 & 15002
Hyderabad – Gorakhpur Train No :- 12590, 12592, 15016 & 15024
Jammu Tawi – Gorakhpur Train No :- 12492, 15654, 12588, 15098,15656 & 15652
Jaipur – Gorakhpur Train No :- 19409, 19269, 19601 & 19709
Jabalpur – Gorakhpur Train No :- 11039, 15017, 11055, 11081 &11037
Kolkata – Gorakhpur Train No :- 15047, 13019, 15051, 15049 & 15021
Kota – Gorakhpur Train No :- 19037, 19039 & 22921
Ludhiana – Gorakhpur Train No :- 15652, 15708, 15212, 14674,12408, 12492, 15654, 12204, 12588, 22552,15098 & 15656
Mumbai – Gorakhpur Train No :- 15017, 12542, 11079, 19039,11015, 15068, 11055, 15066, 22921, 15064,& 11081
Nagpur – Gorakhpur Train No :- 12512, 15016, 12590, 15024,12522 & 12592
Nainital – Gorakhpur Train No :- 13020
Nasik – Gorakhpur Train No :- 11015, 15017, 11079, 11055,15066 & 11081
New Delhi – Gorakhpur Train No :- 15274, 12554, 12572, 12556, 12596, 15058, 12212, 12524, 19601 & 15706
Pathankot – Gorakhpur Train No :- 15652, 12492, 15654, 12588,15098 & 15656
Pune – Gorakhpur Train No :- 11037, 11039 & 15030
Raipur – Gorakhpur Train No :- 18205 & 18201
Raipur – Gorakhpur Train No :- 18205 & 18201
Satna – Gorakhpur Train No :- 11039, 15017, 11055, 18201,11081, 18205 & 11037
Udaipur – Gorakhpur Train No :- 19601 & 19709
Valsad – Gorakhpur Train No :- 19037 & 19039
Vadodara – Gorakhpur Train No :- 19037, 19039, 22921 & 15046
Yashwantpur – Gorakhpur Train No :- 15016, 15024 & 12592

What are the travel documents required to travel to Nepal from India?

If you are an Indian citizen then you don’t need VISA to enter Nepal either by Air OR by Road. But if you are a PIO card holder (Person of Indian Origin) then you must get VISA before entering Nepal in any which way.

For any Indian citizen, voter’s ID card & passport are the only documents that prove your nationality as Indian, the rest of other documents like an ADHAR card, PAN Card, or any other such cards is considered as your proof of identity.

So, as the rule says Indian citizens don’t require VISA, so you have to prove that you are an Indian & for this you must carry either voter’s ID Card OR a passport (both in original, xerox copy not accepted).

However, kids of age below 12 years & elders above 65 years are exempted from this rule; they can travel on ADHAR Card provided they are traveling in a group with people who have either voter’s ID cards OR passports. This means if someone travels to Nepal with their kids & parents & these people do not have voter’s ID card OR passport they can enter Nepal on an ADHAR card provided the master passengers have voter’s ID OR passport.

But, we strongly recommend that before booking your flight ticket to Nepal you must re-confirm this with your airline to avoid any last-minute confusion & avoid loss of money.

Passengers are also required to carry a printed copy of the online form (International Traveler Online Arrival Form) to be filled by logging in to

Is RT-PCR test required to travel to Nepal?

If you are fully vaccinated then you do not require to carry RT-PCR test report, provided you have completed your last dose before 14 days of your entry to Nepal.

But if you are partially vaccinated or not vaccinated then you have to carry an RT-PCR test report & test must not be done 72 hrs before your entry time to Nepal, i.e if you are entering Nepal on 04 July at 11 AM, then your report must not be older than 01 July 11.01 AM.

Is Indian rupee accepted in Nepal?

Yes, Indian Currency notes (IC) of denomination Rs 100 & lesser (both new & old) are widely accepted in Nepal. Indian currency notes of Rs 2000 & Rs 500 are not acceptable within Nepal, but these currency notes can be tendered at money exchange counters to buy Nepali currency. (Conversion Rate: 1 Indian Rupee (IC) = 1.60 Nepali Rupee (NC)).

Does Indian debit & credit card work in Nepal?

Yes, debit cards & credit cards issued in India (VISA, Master, Maestro) are accepted at mostly POS (Point of sale) and almost every ATM. But, it is mentioned on the back side of some of these cards “Not for use in Nepal & Bhutan”, so all such cards are not valid for transactions in Nepal.

As a proud Indian, now you can also use a RuPay Debit card in Nepal, as Nepal has become the 4th country after Singapore, UAE & Bhutan to accept the use of RuPay cards.

But we recommend you to use debit OR credit only in case of emergency, as your bank in India will charge you for every transaction in Nepal & charges varies from bank to bank & type of cards. So, before traveling check with your bank regarding international charges.

Does UPI, PayTM, PhonePay & Google Pay work in Nepal?

No, none of these online payment transfer platforms work in Nepal. They cannot be used for making payments in Nepal, because these are linked with your Indian Banks & when you are in Nepal all your transactions would be International transfers & these platforms do not support international payments.

Nepal also has similar kinds of platforms, & one of those is FonePay. So please do not get confused with Indian PhonePay, these two are different platforms.

However, Gateway Payment Service, a payment system operator licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank is working on a plan where Indians can use Google Pay & PayTM to pay in Nepal & Nepalis can use their e-Sewa & Khalti to make payments in India.

Where to exchange money in Nepal?

You can get your Indian Rupee exchanged for Nepali Rupee at local banks in Nepal for the best currency exchange value. Another place where you can get the best value is at currency exchange counters within the city or at the Indo-Nepal borders (in case you are entering by road). Airports are the worst place for currency exchange as you will never get the best value for your money, hence we never recommended it.

Does Indian SIM work in Nepal?

Yes Indian SIM works in Nepal if before travel you have activated international roaming on your number from your service provider. You can make use of your Indian number to make & receive calls from Nepal. Calling charges & data depends on the type of pack provided by your mobile operator, so check it before activating.

We recommend you buy a local Nepali SIM (which costs around INR 200) when you are in Nepal & use this Nepali number to make calls out of Nepal, because in some cases even after activating your international roaming, calling charges may be very high, whereas calling from Nepal to India using Nepali SIM is as low as INR2.50/minute (charges may vary from operator to operator).

Can I make WhatsApp call from Nepal to India?

Yes, you can use your Indian WhatsApp number for making & receiving calls in Nepal. You only have to connect your phone with a wi-fi network (available in hotels & airports) OR use your phone data for the same.

You can also use Facebook messenger to make & receive calls in Nepal.

Why Nepal is worth visiting once in a lifetime?

Nepal has numerous reasons which attract tourists. The top 3 reasons are mentioned below.

1) UNESCO Heritage Sites : Nepal has 04 UNESCO heritage sites i.e Sagarmatha National Park (Natural Site), Chitwan National Park (Natural Site), Kathmandu Valley (Cultural Site) & Lumbini (Cultural Site).

2) Popular Hindu Pilgrimage Sites : Important Hindu pilgrimage sites like Pashupatinath temple (Lord Shiva), Muktinath Temple (Lord Vishnu) & Janakpur (Goddess Sita Temple).

3) Paradise for adventure lovers : Nepal is considered a paradise for adventure lovers. Popular activities are Mountaineering, Rock Climbing, River Rafting, Bungy Jumping, Paragliding, Ultralight Flight & Hot Air ballooning, Trekking & Jungle Safari.

Apart from this Nepal has numerous natural scenic site like Pokhara, Bandipur, Tansen, Nagarkote, Dharan & Daman.

Is Nepal safe for Indian tourists?

Yes, Nepal is a tourist-friendly nation, its law & order are very supportive of tourists. Nepal truly believes in the concept of “Atithi Devo Bhav – Guest is God”. Being an Indian citizen you can connect to Indian Embassy in Kathmandu & immigration offices at the Indo-Nepal border for any assistance.

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