A colorful melange of opulence and royalty best exemplifies Rajasthan tourism with grand forts, desert safaris, fairytale palaces, and vibrant festivals all around. Set foot in the ‘Land of the Kings’ and explore the rich cultural heritage of this region where the Rajputs fought various grand battles. The tourist places in Rajasthanoffer something or the other for travelers of all kinds. Tourism in Rajasthan caters to couples, friends, and families alike who can enjoy a luxurious retreat in this medieval wonderland. So grab a Rajasthan tourism map and start discovering the largest state in India, and don’t forget to cover all of the popular Rajasthan destinations and be a part of Rajasthan culture.

The best time to visit Rajasthan is in the winter season from October to March as the weather during this time is perfect for desert safaris, sightseeing tours, wildlife expeditions, and cultural tours.

Desert tours, camel rides, hot-air balloon rides, captivating folk dances, exquisite handicrafts, wildlife expeditions, bustling marketplaces, and historical forts & palaces draw tourists to Rajasthan from every corner of the world.

You can tread on the sands of time in the state by visiting the painted havelis, the camel fairs, the medieval bazaars, glistening deserts, and the undulating Aravalli hills. Something you must experience here is savoring the Rajasthani specialty Ghevar while shopping for precious gemstones and handicrafts in the colorful bazaars.   

Foodies must indulge in dishes like Dal-baati, Gattekisabzi, Choorma, and Ghevar during their holiday in Rajasthan. Delicious food, exquisite shopping, sightseeing tours of ancient palaces and forts are what you can look forward to in this royal state. So pack your bags and head here for an authentic cultural experience!

The best time to visit Rajasthanis from October to February when the temperature during the night is considerably low and the temperature during the day is moderately low offering a pleasant experience. You will also get to witness some colorful festivities as most of the festivals in Rajasthan are also organized during this period. Depending on the weather and local festivals, the best time to visit Rajasthan varies as per the particular destination.

Winter, from November through February, remains the best season to visit Rajasthan. There are some fairs and festivals in Rajasthan in December, for instance, Shilpgram Festival in Udaipur. During monsoon season, Rajasthan in August can be a pretty sight; especially when the hills of Aravali are greener and hill stations have idyllic weather. Mount Abu, Udaipur, Kumbhalgarh, and Kota are popular places to visit even in the monsoon season.

You can easily plan a visit to the desert during this period as the days are not too hot and the night temperatures are quite cool. This desert state has varying seasons which create different experiences for various kinds of travelers. Beginning with the summer season, you will get to face the scorching sun, while winters are extremely cold, and the monsoons will leave you drenched. If you are planning to visit Rajasthan during June, the best place you can go would be the hill station Mount Abu as the temperature is not too cold during this time and is thus ideal for sightseeing.

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