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Uttarakhand & Uttar Pradesh

Abundant in magnificence, charm, glory, dominance, etc., Uttar Pradesh is the state of India, which is blessed with the Ganges river, is considered as one of the best tourist destinations in India visited by thousands and thousands of visitors from all over the globe. Being an indispensable part of the India tour, the tour of this state presents a clear glimpse of several shades of life & cultures and the cultural implications of the lifestyle of India.

Uttar Pradesh is plentiful in the features of hill stations, the best of plain stretch for miles, the legacy of the royal rulers and the grandeur of the rivers. Home to pilgrimages for both the Buddhists and Hindus, this state is famous as a main tourist destination for the religious visitors. The Buddha preached his first sermon at Sarnath near Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh. To appreciate the beauty and magnificence of this state, here tourists can visit Taj Mahal (one of the seven wonders in the globe) in the beautiful Agra city, the popular BulandDarwaja in FatehpurSikri, the wonderful hill stations, the Ghats along the river Ganga & Yamuna, etc.

Constructed by the Nawabs, Lucknow, which is the state capital city of Uttar Pradesh, provides the royal history of the place and a magnificent view of rich cultural heritage. In this city, tourists get the opportunity of sightseeing of the major tourist attractions such as all signs of the rich legacy of the state, the Residnecy& the Rumi Darwaja, Bara Imam Bara, the Chhota Imam Bara and many more.

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